Website Design

Need A Website?

Your website is by far the most important marketing piece for your care home, so make sure it's a good one created by people who have a proven track record in this industry.

Over the last 8 years we've helped well over 500 care home owners and managers to improve their marketing, filling more beds and keeping them full. Now let us help you.

Stylish, Affordable & Professional Websites Attracting Enquiries For You, All Day, Every Day

People can come across your care home by any one of the following methods:

1. From a list of homes provided by the Local Authority or Health Authority
2. From an online search on Google or Bing
3. Through social media like Facebook or You Tube
4. By passing by your home on the street
5. Through personal referral, whether from a healthcare professional of member of the public.

The one thing they all have in common is that the next step almost everyone will take these days is to go online to find your website so that they can check you out before they come and visit.

So, it’s vitally important to have a web site that persuades them that your home is worth putting on their short list to come and visit. To do that you need strong and compelling sales copy that really tells the story of how your home can meet with the needs of their loved one and why they should choose you.

That needs to be backed up with proven great design and have the marketing tools you need to capture their contact details and lead them on to the next step built in to the website and working seamlessly.

We specialise in creating bespoke websites for our clients that do just that.

Here’s a few examples of websites we’ve created recently for clients in the Care Industry.

If you’d like a web site designing for your home please call us today on 01977 232 233 to discuss your requirements.

Bespoke designs with up to 8 pages start at just £800 + VAT, with full turn key sites complete with professionally written sales copy, full on page search engine optimisation (SEO) and Google Analytics installed from just £1600 + VAT.

Call today on 01977 232 233 or email us at CareHomeMarketingExpert for more details.